Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello Friends

hi hi all.... long time didnt see me leh.... doesn't mean i didnt update my blog i am hiding somewhere else....

Jane... i am here... when i read your blog, i heard someone is calling me, my name is on the list, and i am scared to be black listed. sooooo here i am....

i didn't write for so long because i dunno what to write, was sick for past few months, i didnt bring my notebook home, and tooo busy with work til i have no time to open the blog.... all are excuses rite? ahhahahahh i m honest to tell you mah.....

last weekend, my so called 'study room' has turned from a gabbage room to a real study room, with my computer table in and the book shelf... so i m willing to bring my notebook home and write on the table.. a proper place for me to type... ahhahah no excuse anymore not to write rite???? okkkkieee ler... i will try to write as much as i can....

And i think you feel bored reading this... cos no pictures taken, no purpose of writing... ya i am just try to make up something to write... hahahahah and lazy to hold my clumsy camera to snap nothing and put them up here...

well... now at least all of you know i am still in existence... hahaha... ok... til now.. i need to stop and sleep... cos tomorrow is Monday... the worst day in the week.... ta ta....

Friday, May 16, 2008

I meet you again

Thanks to the technology, I am able to meet you again.

Wonder what I am talking about leh.... this morning, I received news from 3 long lost contact ex uni-mate, house-mate. It is like "Lost & Found". I am soooo happy that they still remember who I am. We were together everyday where everyone was from somewhere having the fate to meet together in a place, where the friendship starts. 相知,相识,要相惜.

People say the only ship that will not sink is the friendship. Once it is built, if you take care of it, it will last forever, the value of it is non countable, non monetary.

Though now everyone is back to where they are from, or going somewhere they want to, holding their contact will pull us back into the room of friends at anytime, anywhere.

Wishing them all the best in what they are doing now, and good health forever.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dual Celebrations

Last weekend, we celebrated Mother's Day and my niece birthday (which is 2 weeks early). My sisters and in law were secretly coming back, of course I know it already, otherwise they dun have a chaeffeur. They really gave a big surprise to my parent and my other sisters. Though they just spent 3 days here, but is good enuf to give a deep remembrance, and of course very tired. I am totally FLAT after 3 days of driving, eating, and shopping...

***Our food... the main courses, all marinated by my bro in law, see he is the chef, panggang for us somemore.. hahahahaha

*** Happy moment, that nite was really hot, all of our faces like charcoal, heat from the charcoal. BUT, it rained like cyclone in late nite, at least cool us down. I have pimples popped out from my face after that nite, sigh.. ugly...

*** Happy 1st Birthday to Imaan Belle (C/n 洁儿).. we bake a cake for her, the original plan is to use a mould to bake a bear bear cake, but is TOO BIG to fit into my oven, we end up drawing our own bear and trace on the cake. The shape is good, but come to the icing part, oh gosh, our hands are shivering on the cake, 1st time mah... what to do.. our cake turns out not a cute one, but more to like monster.. haaaaaaa.. luckily we have a cool candles to 'beautify' the cake....

*** more candid shots on the princess... cute huh???

Friday, May 2, 2008

01/05/2008 Eve

Happy Guli Gang Day....

I don't have clubbing group, so every celebration, we go for food mostly. 1/5/08 eve also the same. I started from my house, BBQ session, organised by my hubby's and friends, then I joined my group to dinner later lim teh. Healthy rite? Celebration no need beers, knocking your head with the loud music, but with few close friends, chit chat and laugh that is the happiest thing. May be this is old people's voice... *bluek*....

****BBQ session****

This is good, spicy and juicy...

Tom Yam Fish, too salty... can't blame .. is cooked by guy (non professional)

****Dinner Session****

What a weird name "Solo Prawn". Not nice.... Tasteless

Spicy crab ... NOT SPICY AT ALL... sigh....

Salty Crab.. this one not bad...

Thai style milin.. can't eat too much... a bit sweet... new style of cooking

We have one more dish...tauhu. But they got us the wrong cooking, we asked for stim tauhu, came out is fried pot tauhu. Guess why I didnt take photo on people? Need to blame the rain, it dropped 2 BIG drop on us, we taught is going to rain heavily, we were busy moving our dishes into the sheltered area. DAMN it stopped straight away, and we felt so hot sitting under the roof. Our table only left the main dish, all the sauces are still at the table outside the open area.... sheeeesssshhh...... end up forgot to take photos on the leng nui and the gentleman... hehehehee

****Lim Teh Session****

Too full from the dinner, we only ordered drink...

Friday, April 25, 2008


好久没写部落格了.最近就是忙工作.这个月我的部门开了今年第一个会, 是全马的哦!!! 开会嘛!没什么大不了,就是坐在那儿听人讲话就好啦,人问到明白吗,即使不明白,先点个头,装作明白安全的多.完了再问其他同事就好了.而且我们还是通过电话方式开会,更自由啦! 碰不到面,只是拉长耳朵罢了.

没想到这次要我说话.说话?要说什么?这里天下太平,能吃能喝能做,没什么要报告耶. 原来不是,要我解释公司其中的一项policy,而且还被固定了哪一项,我最讨厌和一知半解的那一项.

第一次那么认真的去读每一个字,去了解每一个字串成一句时的意思,一边想他们会发问什么问题,不会答时,不是很羞耻吗?唉喲,为什么工作那么辛苦? 在工作里开口说话真的很难,认真说话是真的很难耶! 平时说废话难不倒我,这次要拿我命,压力实在大.讲话也有压力,唉!!!!

吉时已到,我要讲话了.aiks!!!从那里说起,要怎么说.我停了大概有30秒,一片宁静更使我紧张.脑里一直说,死啦!死啦!,死就死吧!豁出去... 开始啦... 第一个字是 "HI",后面的就乱讲一通,有的没的都讲,连自己都不明白在讲什么,不必奢望别人听的懂.

我的脸烧的可以煮蛋了,红的连对面的同事目不转睛的看着我.要死!!!太紧张害怕了.温度一直升,时间再长一些,我看就要血压过高,血管爆裂,脑重风了.一完毕,我说了"THANK YOU", 温度即刻回到正常c. 面部的僵硬立即回复弹性,好多了.口水也吞的比较顺畅.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Beautiful Dressessssssssssss

I would like to share this with my ji mui... Look at the gorgeous dresses.... I dream again that I am the one who put them on.... wonder will turn like them or not.... fu -yoh!!!! (just learnt a new word, M'sian canggih pasar word)

I like the most..... is this.....

Friday, April 11, 2008


I happened reading a blog of my secretive colleague. I believe is a "H", due to all the topics are more to male interests. What catches me is the title of his blog - Lasapka punya Lasap Blog. It is fun to read, almost everything he connects to Lasap. Lasap in Hokkien means Sampah in Malay, Rubbish in English, 垃圾 in Chinese.

While I was scooping my lunch (free lunch after monthly HSE meeting) today, I looked at my food on my plate and thought of that "Lasap" colleague. Are all these food also lasap? Carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin A-Z all in, still lasap? The main lasap thing that cause this plate of food lasap is the AJINOMOTO. Agreed?

Hungry... I want to eat liao.. talk less. Lasap food is tastier. :(